Are These The Tints You’re Looking For? TUTORIAL

citadel tint set

Today’s Tutorial is on the new Citadel Artificer Tint Set. Quite frankly the set is a bit interesting, but perhaps not too practical for the rest of us?

This is a very curious product because it’s a good way to change the tonality of your paint. If you didn’t know when we buy paint we’re really buying Pigment and a Binder that makes up the majority of paint. In most cases the binder is water which means that when we buy paint we’re mostly buying water.


Games Workshop hasn’t given us much documentation on how to use this other than the pictures on the box and the download PDF from the website.


To be quite honest, we’re not the heavy metal paint team, so I’m hoping Games Workshop releases some videos to drop some hobby knowledge on us.

citadel tint set

Side note: Two months later, these citadel Artificer paint brushes are holding up well.

I’m using Mephiston red to get a base. Then I’m adding the Sanguinius tint to it. This is super bright and lots of pigment; almost like a nail polish. I’m mixing it in my water cap paint pallet. Right off the bat you can see it’s super bright.

I personally would have just mixed together some paints to get this effect.


Hmmm. Looks likes it’s stained my brush. Don’t use your brush to mix it. Use the included spatula thingy. Well, I was smart enough to wear gloves so it didn’t stain my skin but not careful enough to not use a brush. Oh well.

I guess you an add this tint to your base colors and get your transitions going. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to buy all the different shades they have I can see how this could be beneficial.


Adding in some colors to metallic paints is pretty neat because then you can make colors like candy apple metallic.


However, if you’re not a paint expert don’t think this set is for you. This isn’t very intuitive. At the end of the day, it’s a lot easier to use the paint system to get your different shades to combo together. i.e. Averland Sunset to Yieral Yellow to Flash Gitz instead of buying Averland and mixing in this yellow to get your brighter shades.

If you’ve tried this set and have any ideas on how to use this better please let us know in the comments.

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  • Dylan Wheeler

    GW released a how to use video about a week or two ago. True it’s only like 3-4 mins but the main painted guy went into some pretty good detail on learning where to start

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