GW’s New Forge World Teaser Morphs Again!

forge wOrld jigsawCome see the newest preview for the Forge World Model Jigsaw puzzle, which appears to show yet another model! Did GW just throw everyone a curve-ball again?

Forge World just dropped a new Jigsaw teaser on their Facebook Christmas day, take a look!

Time for an annual Forge World tradition folks – the Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle.

It’s day one – what are we looking at?
Any guesses?

Full Reveal – 2nd of January
Wild speculation is encouraged until then:


Right from day one it appears to be the Khorne Daemon prince from the Age of Sigmar open day back in November!


Take a look at the last two pieces removed from the puzzle. Is there any question now?

Forge World just dropped more Jigsaw teasers over the last few days, take a look!

Ok, we’re stuck.
Ideas guys?

Full Reveal – 2nd of January
Wild speculation is encouraged until then.

An armored elbow, and a large one at that.

This clue may be trying to throw us off our original guesses, are the pieces even guaranteed to be arranged correctly?

Is this a large armor plate, or something behind the actual model?

Checkout Wednesday’s reveal.


Any guesses?

Full Reveal – 2nd of January
Wild speculation is encouraged until then.

Now it’s pretty clear with this reveal that we are looking at what appears to be three separate models.

Hobbyist Evan Valdyke put out this guess on Forge Worlds post:

I think 3 things are pictured
-that khorne goat daemon thing that got spoiled
-your second Custodes tank/vehicle
-a Blood Bowl player. Likely an ogre to add to Human teams, but possibly a black orc or something else entirely. Buy still BB


Do we even know anymore what fantastic kits are behind this Christmas puzzle?

Checkout past Forge World Jigsaws below:

forge wOrld jigsaw

Jigsaw Teaser Roundup

Blood for the Blood God…

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