Dodge This: Mist Hunter X-Wing Tactics

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Let’s make some noise and talk about another build for the Mist Hunter from the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game! 4-LOM is poised to hunt down and destroy any foe!


This build is fairly straight-forward, but can be powerful in the right hands. Take 4-LOM, a PS 6 G-1A Starfighter pilot with the ability to hand off a stress token at the start of the End Phase to any ship within range 1. This could be a friendly or an enemy! The G-1A is known for its red maneuvers, but let’s add a few more shall we. Equip 4-LOM with Stay on Target and things get interesting.


Stay on Target allows you to change your maneuver on the fly, as long as you stay at the same speed of your original maneuver. But you must treat this as a red maneuver. That;s great since 4-LOM loves to hand off his stress to other ships. Let’s add some more synergy with Outlaw Tech.


You’ll have focus tokens all day with this little crew member. Whenever you execute a red maneuver, you may assign a focus token to your ship. You could use the G-1A dial to select a red maneuver or make any other maneuver red with Stay on Target. Synergy!

That’s it for the latest 4-LOM build. Stay tuned for more Star Wars X-Wing ships builds.


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