Secret Sauce For Painting Your Minis Table Top Quality


We’re going to show you how to get Captain Karlean ready for table top in today’s, How To Tutorial.

I’m going to go over with you step by step on how to get your model to a table top quality with some simple steps and one final ancient technique that will take your model to where it needs to be.

Step 0.

If you’re not giving your models a gloss varnish spray after you’ve established your base coats you’re doing it wrong.

Step 1.

We’re combining the power of that gloss varnish and the Reikland Flesh Shade to get this paint down into the recesses and away from our transitions and highlights.


Step 2:

Matte Varnish, Testors Lusterless is my personal favorite brings it back down and takes away the sheen.

20161128-tabletop-captaink-237Step 3.

Tire Black. My New favorite paint. I’m looking for excuses to use this tire black because it is so clutch. You can wash it black and it’ll give us definition.


Step 4:

Old School trick, Aluminum and Steel Black mixed together to get the metallic pieces. Anything metal, even gold, is getting painted with this color first. Right now, it’s hideous, we’re going to fix that.


Step 5.

Tire black, go back and paint the storm bolter bits that are going to be black, back to black.


Step 6.

New Gold and Molten Bronze mixed together to hit our gold. It gives us a nice clean gold over the silver that sticks really easily. You’re basically stealing the stick form the bronze and the brightness from the new gold.20161128-tabletop-captaink-241

Step 7.

My other new favorite weathered wood, it’s an off white that mixes in super well with other colors to establish my base on parchment.

Step 8.

Light Dust, another great secret weapon paint, then while it’s still wet back to weather wood to mix it together. Simple transition.20161128-tabletop-captaink-243

Step 9.

Meridius Blue, we’re going to hit all the jewels with this turquoise color.

Step 10.

Purple, you can’t have red purity seals over red armor, Doesn’t work.


Step 11.

Flesh on his skin. Then we add in a touch of yellow to make his hair blonde.


Step 12.

Tire Black over his Monopoly man style targeter.


Step 13.

We’ll hit the inside of his cape with the light dust.

20161128-tabletop-captaink-247Step 14.

It’s go Time, we’re going to combo off Nulin Oil and Earthshade to do the lord’s work on the stuff we just painted trying to wick away the paint from the highlights.


These shades are the secret sauce and will get your model to what I consider to solid table top quality. However,  I consider this to be the bare minimum. You saw what we did, technique s the skill.

To see this model come to life please hit the video!

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