To Game or Not To Game: Why Do You Buy GW Box Games?

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Let’s see what the Internet has to say about including games in our boxes of toys. I’m hitting the Facebook and cultivating the opinions about why we buy!

Today, we’re discussing whether we like the cereal or do we just buy it for the toy at the bottom of the box? (For you beadlings, there was a golden era of cereal where boxes contained toys within.)

renegade knights
Got me back into the game

Rene, let me say that I’m glad you’re back in the game thanks to these boxes! There is certainly something to be said about boxes like Calth helping people get into the game because it builds up those core units we all need. However, I feel like you’re reaching for the bottom of the box and not eating the cereal!?

Games Please 0

Just the Plastics Ma’am 1

no games please

Adam, I’m with you but I wonder how much the game itself actually costs. I honestly don’t think it’s that much. Printing is cheap, it’s the design process we pay for. Also, you have to consider that the game offers us a way to share the hobby with others. So from a GW perspective; I wonder if these are loss leaders.

Games please 0

Just the Plastics Ma’am 2


Murdoc, I’ve heard this concept before and I really like the idea. These boxes certainly add another level to the campaign levels.

Games Please 1

Just the Plastics Ma’am 2

Bring back epic

Paul, I’ve never played epic. There are times when I look at tables filled with Gladius Strike Forces and knight houses and wonder if we haven’t just scaled up Epic. We’re far removed from the skirmish game it used to be.

I personally wouldn’t mind if Epic, or even Apocalypse, came back just to slim down 40k some and make it a smaller, tighter, faster game.

Games Please 2

Just the Plastics Ma’am 2

Tie Breaker Round!


I picked four at random, promise, and I have to say I thought this would be skewed a bit towards just the plastics. I could go back in and pick one more but to be honest I like the power of being the Tie Breaker.

I personally have bought Officio Assaniorum, Blood Bowl, Calth, and Deathstorm. I play Officio but not Calth. I have of course played Blood Bowl, which isn’t quite the same but it’s great and the models are sweet. Deathstorm was a box with just models and campaigns, and while I liked it, I think a side game, skirmish style, would have been neat.


Games Please 3

Just the Plastics Ma’am 2

Games wins three to two. Suck it Minis.


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  • Paul Jan

    “Just the Plastics” thinking was what led GW to enter those dark “We’re a models company” years that we’re still coming out of. Rules let people try out factions that they may not care for in a new game. Models provide value even if the rules turn out to be crappy. And probably most importantly, games bundles let GW flush out their inventory without rolling back prices and screwing over FLGSs.

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