Which Warhammer is Best? Your Argument is Invalid!

By Felix Fimbres | December 2nd, 2016 | Categories: Age of Sigmar, Editorial, Warhammer 40k


Ding Ding Warhammer flavors do battle! Which one is best?  Checkout our arguments on if it’s 40k, Age of Sigmar or even Horus Heresy!
The eternal question of nerdom, Superman versus Batman, Marvel versus DC, Sega versus Nintendo, all of these are age old questions with no REAL answer. Recently, I’ve seen a new question, much closer to my hobby heart, pop up on the Facebook over and over.

“What is best in life Conan? 30k, 40k, or Age of Sigmar?”

Before we duke it out in the comments I want to say a few things.

  1. Different Strokes For Different Folks. Not everyone can afford to sink their entire hobby budget (money AND Time) into more than one game system. In hobby, as in life, we have to choose. Here’s the thing, not everyone likes chocolate. Not everyone likes vanilla. And some people like strawberry. Debating which one is best, at the end of the day, is for entertainment purposes only.
  1. Get off my Lawn. People are always going to lament change. It’s a proven fact that hindsight is not only 20/20 but comes with a sweet rose-colored filter. Don’t take my word for it, here’s a Psychology Article all about it. The past is in the past. If that’s your flavor, I got you bro, I will not hate on your 3rd edition party but please for the purposes of this argument isn’t relevant.
  1. Haters Gunna Hate. I get it, someone hurt you in your hobby heart and you’re not ready to forgive yet. That’s okay, but again, toxicity isn’t fun and this is the fun zone. Let your game system stand on it’s own merits not the failings of others.

horus heresy walpaper

30k Pros

Solid Game Balance

No damn dirty Zeno’s (yes, kind of, but seriously, this is about brother v brother!)

Cool Looking Models

With a few tweaks you can take your 30k Army and Make it 40k

Rich and Luxurious back story.

Narrative Focus, these can be really fun!

30k Cons

Lots of Power Armor

No Zeno’s

Forge World upgrades and vehicle units can get Pricey

Sometimes, finding a game can be tough

Narrative Focus, ugh, why are all my friends loyalists?

the emperor husk

40k Pros

The King of Kings, tons of people play!

So many flavors, So much variety, all the plastic crack!

C-C-C-Combo. “Bam! I can’t believe I just pulled that move off!”

Plastic Everything, it’s light, durable, and detailed.

40k Cons

Rules, Rules, and More Rules, more books than a college semester

C-C-C-Complicated. “We just spent 20 minute rolling dice and only two guy died?”

C-C-C-Combo. “Seriously? You have a 2+ re-rollable invul?”

I just spent 6 months painting up 1850 points and now the new FoTM owns me?

stomcast age of sigmar

AoS Pros

Are the new models the best GW has ever made? Yes.

Rules are light, simple and fun.

Ground Floor, everyone is a newb!

AoS Cons

Not as popular as 40k

The fiction isn’t as deep as 30k or 40k

So. Many. Sigmarines. Not enough other factions fleshed out yet.

Phew, That’s all I got. Seriously though, all three systems are great and they have rabid fan bases. Go with what strikes your fancy because you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them.


If you still can’t make up your mind check out the game store and see who is playing what and when, you may have picked the best one for you but if you don’t have anyone to play with that’s always a bummer.

P.S. Blood Bowl!

So, what are your Pro’s for your game system. 

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