Why Do All The Cool GW Exclusives Seem To Be UK Only?

warhammer_worldGames Workshop, what’s the deal with the UK centric approach to exclusives?  I would happily drive several hundred miles to Warhammer world if I could.

However, jump on a plane and cross an ocean? Not so much. Don’t you think that’s a little much?

warhammer world exclusive errant-questor

I get it, you want to make Warhammer World Special but couldn’t you lend a bit of that magic, with different models, to U.S. locations as well? Where’s the U.S. only model/kit exclusives?

Games Workshop goes to several major conventions in the U.S., like Adepticon, couldn’t you bring some Exclusives there? Do I really have to make the trek to England or pay big bucks for Models you only release in England? These are major events, especially Adepticon and the Las Vegas Open, filled with some of your most rabid and loyal fans, why not support our efforts, in supporting your effort, by bringing us our own exclusives? (P.S. if you’re reading this, a new Megaboss is all i want for Christmas.)


I guess, at the end of the day it’s your business and you’ll run it as you see fit. Am I, or anyone else, going to quit you because you’re not offering us exclusive models? No, but you’re making me, as a U.S customer, feeling a bit unloved. You might think, “Felix, why should we show you love? We just want to sell you models?” Because when I feel loved I’m willing to spend more money on you. (Yes, that’s probably something I need to talk with my psychologist about.)

make love

So com’on GW, give your customers in other countries a bit of love, lavish us with a special sprue, you won’t regret it.

What do you guys think, should GW continue it’s Warhammer World Only Trend or should they branch out a little bit?

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  • Stuart Quinton

    Didn’t the US get an exclusive last year that was US only (going to be fair, I wanted that more than the majority of the UK only stuff..)?
    Although I am surprised that Memphis doesn’t stock the Warhammer wold stuff.

  • Ben

    So you want to solve the problem of UK exclusivity by replacing it with US-UK exclusivity, and to hell with the rest of the world eh? What about continental European, Asian and Oceanic gamers, to mention just a few of the other regions of the world? Sounds like you are supporting exclusivity to me, rather than criticising it. Please remember that there is a whole world of non-Americans out there, some of whom are gamers.

  • Roughneck

    Pointless article here, it’s just full of sour grapes.
    Universal studios in Orlando has exclusive merch, donyou see us here in the UK moan about it? No, because we’re grown ups and deal with it or go on holiday, I suggest you do the same of hit eBay like any sensible level minded individual.

  • General Betrayus 2.0

    Because Games Workshop is pointlessly catering to a dying market.

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