Da Kromlech Soviet Goblins – You Buy Now!


Time to add some more goblins to your collection, Comrade. These Soviet Goblins from Kromlech are ready to fight for the motherland of goblin-kind! 

Via Kromlech

Soviet Goblin Squad $29.82


soviet-goblins-squad-1 soviet-goblins-squad

This set contains squad of ten highly detailed, characterful Soviet Goblins. One large Goblin Commissar with menacing whip, one Corporal with pistol, one Goblin Soldat with Red Star standard (and something to drink :)), one Goblin Soldat  playing Harmoszka, one Goblin Soldat with grenade, five Soldats armed with PPSh SMGs, ten 25mm round plastic bases.

These charming little goblins would love to be in your Ork army, or would make a great conversion squad for your Goblin themed Astra Militarum army!

Bombs away!

About the Author: Barclay Montgomery

I'm a weird guy wargamer and hobby enthusiast. I'm like the Thing, I can take many forms. I could be a bounty hunter looking for Rebel prey, a commander of an Imperial fleet, or the Hive Mind of the Great Devourer of Worlds.
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