5 Easy Tricks For Weathering Metallic Surfaces

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the herk mystery men rusted

Welcome back Hobby Fans, today Kenny from Next Level Painting is going to show us 5 simple tricks for weathering metallic surfaces!

Today Kenny is going to take us through weathering some rusted out barricades for his LOV Nurgle Chaos Army.  Kenny converted some quick and easy bunker extensions out of the skirt from an Ork Stompa and now he’s going to take us through the process to make them all nice and rusted!

Cheap Paint

Trick 1: Bargain basement paint!  Yep, you heard Kenny right, he used some cheap hardware store metallic paint to start off this amazing rusted barrier.

Red Spray

Trick 2: Weathering paints!  Kenny Loves to use those Secret Weapon weathering paints.  After laying down a couple of shades of Yellow and orange, Kenny moves into some really dark red rust tones outlining the shadows on the barricade.

Mix Wash

Trick 3: Juicing!  For the third trick, Kenny lays down a mixture of GW Green, Brown and Black washes through his airbrush.  This lays down a sweet grimy tone to the barricade.  Once this layer of wash is tacky, Kenny moves in with a sponge and taps it against the pooling parts to create an orange peel texture to rough up the model.


Trick 4: Drybrushing.  Once the wash layer is 100% dry, Kenny can go in with a thicker silver paint and hit all the highlights and draw out those sweet sweet panel lines and details.

Ryza Rust

Trick 5: Ryza Rust!  Kenny breaks out the technical paints and throws down some watered Ryza rust on the bolts and panel lines of the barricade.  Careful application in just the right places adds the last bit of POP needed to make this model stand out!

Check out the full video for detailed instructions!

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