Convert Old Fantasy Calvary to Oval Bases for AoS

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Kromlech has made it easy to convert all of your old Fantasy Calvary models from rectangle bases to the new oval bases used in Age of Sigmar!

Many of us still have old armies and with Warhammer Fantasy being a thing of the past, these armies are just in closets or on shelves collecting dust. It’s time to rejuvenate and rebase these minis for Age of Sigmar!

Oval 60x35mm (20 pieces): 4,99 €

Oval 60x35mm (20 pieces) kromlech

This set contains 20 pieces of 60x35mm oval, 3mm thick HDF bases.

Oval 75x42mm (15 pieces): 4,99 €

Oval 75x42mm (15 pieces) kromlech

This set contains 15 pieces of 75x42mm oval, 3mm thick HDF bases.

Oval 90x52mm (10 pieces): 4,99 €Oval 90x52mm (10 pieces) kromlech

This set contains 10 pieces of 90x52mm oval, 3mm thick HDF bases.

Oval 105x70mm (8 pieces): 4,99 €

Oval 105x70mm (8 pieces) kromlech

This set contains 8 pieces of 105x70mm oval, 3mm thick HDF bases.

Oval 120x92mm (5 pieces): 4,99 €

Oval 120x92mm (5 pieces) kromlech

This set contains 5 pieces of 120x92mm oval, 3mm thick HDF bases.

Oval 170x105mm (3 pieces): 4,99 €

Oval 170x105mm (3 pieces) kromlech

This set contains 3 pieces of 170x105mm oval, 3mm thick HDF bases.

Head over to Kromlech, pick up some of these HDF Oval bases, and get those old armies back into service!

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