Making Miniature Autumn Leaves From Birch Seed

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autumn leaves

Can’t find autumn leaves for the bases of your army? Just make your own by following this tutorial that will make you question everything!

Autumn leaves have been hard to find these days since it seems that a lot of companies have discontinued the production of them so we have made a tutorial to fix that dilemma.

autumn leaves tutorial

First we take some of brown leaves and just dump a little in a box and spread them around a little.

autumn leaves tutorial

Next we take some red of any kind. In this case we are using Khorne Red from Games Workshop and just hit it a little.

autumn leaves tutorial

Then we take some Army Painter Desert Yellow primer and just hit it with a couple blasts to give more color.

To see the full tutorial, just check out the video below!

If you know of anywhere still selling the Autumn leaves sets still, kindly please drop it in the comments for all to see!

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