Much Want? Is This 40k Cosplay Bolter For You?

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Iron Warriors Pistol

Welcome back Hobby fans, today Rob is going to show you an awesome Iron Warriors cosplay weapon! This is one bolter you’re not going to want to miss!

The wonderfully talented folks at Wulgar Weapons & Props recently sent us this amazing Iron Warriors Bolt Pistol.

Chaos Marine


Check that thing out!  It’s huge!  The base of this bad boy is a Nerf pistol, surrounded by the Bolt Pistol casing.  Each of the icons is Laser cut and the whole thing is hand painted to give it that distinct Chaos Marine look.

Wulfgar Weapons & Props

Wulgar Weapons & Props have done some amazing work, you can check out their Facebook page, Wulfgar Weapons & Props for more of their great work!  You might recognize their amazing Space Wolf costumes from some of our previous articles!

Immortan Joe

But these crazy costumers don’t stop at Warhammer cosplay!  They’ve got a whole range covering all sorts of popular media, from Star Wars to Mad Max to Halo.

Halo Pistol

What Halo fan doesn’t wish they had this sweet Halo 1 Pistol replica?

E-11 Blaster

The E-11 blaster rifle, always a popular choice with Imperial troops!

If you’re interested in purchasing some of their products, check out their Etsy page!

Watch Rob’s whole video here for more details!

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