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iron warriors wallpaperThis was truly a busy weekend for the hobbies we love! Come check out the latest rumors, updates, and new releases from the weekend!

This weekend was an extremely busy weekend! Private Q&A, to new releases, book bundles, Black Library splitting, and much, much more. Here’s what happened over the weekend:

New This Week From The Black Library!

marspatternwarlordtitan-faceplatecloseupThe Black Library new releases are here and there’s a new Warlord Titan novel coming our way. Come find out what’s up for pre-order from the Black Library.

Forge World’s New Release Lineup REVEALED!

Thunderhawks walpaper1

Forge World just released some new Legion Moritat and Iron Warriors miniatures. Come take a look at the latest pre-order items, they look amazing!

Shadow War: Armageddon Tau & Dark Eldar Rules SPOTTED!

tau pathfinder team by slipgatecentralShadow War: Armageddon is a new game coming our way. Come take a look at some of the rules for Tau & Dark Eldar and how they will play.

Get $400 in Horus Heresy eBooks CHEAP on Humble Bundle

horus heresy wallpaper

Looking for a great deal for The Horus Heresy books? The Humble Bundle has some great deals for as little as a $1 donation to a charity of your choice.

Black Library Has Split With Warhammer Digital & New Content

black library paperback

Games Workshop recently said there’s a lot of changes coming our way. Come find out the latest on the new Warhammer Digital.

End of Codex Books? GW’s Private Adepticon Q&A Reveals More on 8th!

Blades Of Khorne Army ContentThere was a small Q&A session with two Games Workshop Studio employees. Come find out what they had to say about the future of GW.

8th edition is going to make it much easier for new players to get into 40k, Black Library is now going to be its own entity apart from the digital side, and new Iron Warriors minis are coming our way from Forge World. This is only a small part of the new information we got throughout last week, be sure to check the articles above for the full stories. Thank you for making us your go to for the latest updates.

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