Painting Terrain In An Order That Would Surprise You

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Don’t miss an awesome beats lab tutorial outlining some unusual steps you can take when painting your terrain from the ground up!

Welcome back hobby maniacs!  Kenny is working on one of the classic pieces of 40K terrain, the Crashed Aquila Lander from the 4th edition starter kit!  To start with Kenny lays down some simple base colors on the bulk of the crashed Aquila Lander with his airbrush.

Base Grey

Once the base coat is down Kenny begins to cut in the main details outlining the largest parts of the model.  First comes the brown base for the dirt surrounding the wreck.


Next up is the smaller details. Kenny starts these with a mid tone, he will go back later and both highlight and shade these parts.


Working some technical paints into the process Kenny begins to weather the model starting with the browns and oranges before adding the metallics to the deal.


Check out the whole video in the link below for more details!

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