8th Edition Bloodbath: Tau vs. Blood Angels

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Juice and Austin are back with our very first 8th Edition Battle Report featuring the T’au going head to head with the Sons of Sanguinius! 

Austin’s Tau are bringing a classic all suit army!  A pair of Ghostkeels and a unit of Crisis Suits makes up the Elites of the army.  Austin chose to equip the advanced targeting upgrade on nearly every suit, the extra -1 to saves can be a huge bonus!

Tau Suits

Backing up Austin’s fast movers is a pair of solo Broadsides and a Commander.  Broadsides back a huge amount of firepower these days with the change to Twin linked weapons!  Each of them is throwing 8 high yield missile shots!

Tau Heavies

Juice is bringing the best Baal can offer!  A unit of Thunderhammer Terminators backed up by a Furioso Dreadnought leads the charge!BA Termies

Supporting the heavy hitters is Dante himself with a 4 man unit of Sanguinary Guard and a solo unit of assault marines in a Razorback!

BA Jump Packs

Due to the new setup rules, Austin’s Ghostkeel found itself just a few inches from the enemy at the start of turn 1!  That T’au pilot is hoping Austin can seize the initiative!


Who will emerge victorious?  Check out the whole video in the link below to find out!

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