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Today we’re looking at what’s hiding in plain sight from the big Death Guard teaser picture that was spotted in September’s White Dwarf yesterday.

Yesterday we got a look at all sorts of new images from next month’s White Dwarf. One of the main things that caught our eye was the Death Guard army and all of the new units that were buried in the picture.

Death Guard White Dwarf

Let’s take a look at some close ups and break them down for you as best we can.

Death Guard Cleaver

Plague CleaverThis Plague Marine is holding a massive two-handed cleaver. We’re thinking it could be the Great Plague Cleaver which has a Toughness x2, AP -3, and does D6 damage. This sounds like an amazing weapon until you see the ability: you must subtract 1 from the hit roll when attacking with this weapon, which makes sense sorta giving the edition right?

Throw one of these in your Plague Marine squads, charge in, and wreak havoc on your enemy, just don’t miss.

Death Guard Plague Spewer

Plague Weapons

This guy looks like he’s wearing a gas mask of some sort. However maybe the most interesting thing about him is it looks like he’s equipped with a tank on his back full of green stuff and a gun to spray whatever plague goodness it may be (looking at you Skaven poison wind globadiers).

Most likely this weapon is the Plague Spewer or Plague Belcher. The Plague Belcher has a 9″ range, Assault D6, Strength 4, does 1 Damage, and automatically hits its target. The Plague Spewer also has a 9″ range, it’s Heavy D6, Strength 5, AP -1, does 1 Damage, and automatically hits its target.

Both of these weapons look like a strong possibility for this new mini.

Nurgle Gas Mask

Speaking of gas masks, this little guy is rocking the latest in fashion with the black and yellow striped pattern on his. Games Workshop has really done a great job at making even the smallest details on a model worth looking at.

Death Guard Termies

These appear to be new Terminators for the Death Guard as well based of the venerable Cataphractii plate. There’s one guy holding a nice big sword and the other are carrying double barreled bolters it looks like. Their appears to be five in this “set” of miniatures.

Then tucked away in the back left we’re seeing another new weapon on the Bloat-drone. This one looks like it has a tank on the right side with a triple barreled gun on the left. What do you think?

Death Guard Termies Scythe

Here’s those two handed scythes again. These look like they could be some of the new Death Guard Terminators, but in some shots they do appear to be bigger versions of the ones we saw above.  Could that be evidence that we’re going to have two separate boxes of termies?

Are we looking at a new set of three multi-part terminators that will represent Lord Mortarion’s Deathshroud? Or will it be a multi-kit with different options?

Bloat Drone Melee

Checkout this awesome new weapon on the Bloat-drone. That claw definitely looks like it’s designed for close combat. Something tells us we might start seeing groups of these drones flying into combat, destroying their opponents with both ranged and melee combat. Pew, Pew, splat!

These new Death Guard models look great and we can’t wait to find out more. What do you think these could be? Did you see something we didn’t? Let us know in the comments below.

Wave one is set for September 16th 2017

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  • Death Guard Plague Brethren $40 (web exclusive)
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