New Mortarion, DG Release Pricing & Pics Spotted

By Rob Baer | August 28th, 2017 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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Come see the confirmed lineup, pictures, pricing and release dates for the new Death Guard that were just spotted in White Dwarf in September!

One lucky hobbyist got his White Dwarf early and is sharing! Warhams-77 from Dakka has a Imgur album up with all the juicy pics from September’s issue.

Here’s what we can tell release wise from the pictures:

Coming in September are the dual releases of the Ad Mech and Death Guard codex books for $40 each with collector versions for $80 each.

For the Death Guard releasing Sept 16th:

  • Death Guard Datacards: $15
  • Death Guard Dice: $20 
  • Death Guard Plague Brethren $40 (web exclusive)
  • Mortarion $140
  • Codex & Collector Editions $40/$80

For Ad Mech releasing Sept 23rd

  • Cawl Single Release $55
  • Datacards $15
  • Codex & Collector Editions $40/$80

Checkout some of the great looking detail on the new Primarch model, and some awesome teaser shots of the new Death Guard release.


What can you make out in this picture?


mortarion mortarion mortarion mortarion

Looks like September 16th is the magical day for Death Guard fans. But this is only wave one! Let’s hear what you think the following weeks have in store for the XIV legion release wise below!


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