Is It Typhus or Just a New Terminator?

By James Rodriguez | August 11th, 2017 | Categories: Death Guard, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

Death Guard Typhus

Yesterday, Games Workshop put out a video showing off new Death Guard Models, and one seems to be causing a lot of discussion. Is it Typhus or a terminator?

Death Guard

The new teaser came disguised as a report from Konor, with what looks to be Typhus receiving a report on their loses in the most recent battle. Let’s take a look at the new video from Games Workshop.

The new teaser shows three models brand new models, one of those being what appears to be either Typhus or a new terminator of some kind.

Death Guard

There’s valid points for both ideas, Typhus or termie… First and foremost, the guy on holding the abacus on the right is giving the model with the scythe a full breakdown on their losses on Konor, does a normal terminator really need to know how many troops they’ve lost? Or is it his job just to follow orders.

Secondly, that wrist cannon. It’s one of those things that was on the Forge World Typhus model, but not on the finecast. So this could very well be a terminator with a new fun little weapon to play with, or it could possibly be Typhus.

Moving on…

Death Guard

There’s talk about the model only having one eye, but if you look closer, especially from the angle above you can see two small eye holes. Then, while we’re on the helmet, there’s the horn coming out of the top that we’ve see in all Typhus models.

Lastly, the infamous, Destroyer Hive. No one has really pointed this out yet, so we figured we would. The new model looks to have a Destroyer Hive peeking out from over it’s shoulders… There’s really no way to tell for sure, from this angle, if that’s what it is exactly, but it definitely hold like characteristics.

Typhus Destroyer Hive

So… Typhus or Terminator? We can’t say for sure but there is plenty of room for discussion.

So, what do you think? Is this new model indeed Typhus? Or are we just looking at an amazing new terminator model? None the less, we look forward to seeing what Games Workshop has to show us next.

Death Guard

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