One With the Force: Star Wars Destiny

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Rey is back with a new partner in Star Wars Destiny! Come and see what makes this team so powerful using their knowledge of the Force!Rey, the Force Prodigy, is an ever popular character to use for the Heroes in Star Wars Destiny. Her die may seem unfocused at times, but when she rolls well she can be hard to compete with. Her ability is also amazing for cheating out multiple activations that can leave your opponent in the dust. Chirrut Imwe is the Blind Warrior that is pa perfect partner for Rey. His die is very support oriented with his modify sides being both ranged and melee. He cannot be equipped with Blue abilities but he has the side bonus of being able to reroll all of your blanks after you activate him. This can help play around Feel Your Anger.Since this deck will feature many modified sides on its dice, Awakenings is a superb Support option. Being able to resolve your modify dice as if it did not have the modify effect is a great way to burst damage onto your opponent. This can also help when Rey or Chirrut roll cold dice that can’t be resolved. 

Handcrafted Light Bow is an excellent weapon upgrade for Chirrut. He is on the card after all! This powerhouse can inflict massive damage, be it from melee, ranged, or the special ability. Being able to deal 3 damage to a character, or remove all shields from a character and then deal 2 damage is a crazy way to put the hurt on your opponent fast.

Let’s keep it thematic by adding Rey’s staff for Rey to use.This melee weapon has good damage potential and can help keep Rey’s character dice more focused. The special ability being able to remove dice is an added bonus of value.

Can the Heroes of Star Wars Destiny thwart the Villains? Rey and Chirrut have a good chance of succeeding!

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