Blood Angels DC vs T’au: 8th Battle Report

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Blood Angels Death Company take on the T’au in a head to head narrative clash in this 8th Edition Long War Battle Report.

Today, Austin and Josh, the Wobbly Modeler, go head to head with T’au and Blood Angels Death Company in a narrative battle to clash over an old Blood Angels Base. The special Narrative deployment is Search and Destroy, with T’au starting on the table and the Relic being the desired goal for both armies.

Josh is debuing his narrative Blood Angels Death Company with 15 Death Company jump packs, including some power fists. The army also includes a custom Mephiston, 10 Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, a Dreadnought and a Storm Raven.

The T’au army is brought to you by Top Miniatures Studios and includes custom crew with custom Kroot Shaper, Kroot Hounds, Crisis Battlesuits with plasma, Commander Shadowsun, a Coldstar Battlesuit commander, a Riptide Battlesuit, a Ghostkeel Battlesuit, and four Pathfinder Teams.

tau vs blood angels

The T’au do not know where the Blood Angels will go and are deployed blindly within their zone. The Blood Angels will be mostly deep striking in from orbit except the lone Storm Raven. Turn 1, Josh gets first blood with the Storm Raven in the shooting phase and is able to charge in with his Terminators to wipe out a unit of crisis suits and Kroot.

tau vs blood angels 2The T’au decide to focus fire on the Storm Raven in their Turn 1, taking full advantage of their ability to reroll ones to take down the Storm Raven, forcing the Mephiston and the Dreadnought to disembark and taking full advantage to apply wounds to both the Dreadnought and other Terminators.

tau vs blood angels 3

Turn 2, since Mephiston is out of the Storm Raven, the psychic phase comes into play. Will he be successful and cast Smite and apply mortal wounds? Will the Shield of Sanguinius convey protections to the army surrounding Mephiston?

Will the T’au maintain firing range and keep control of the base? Find out how the narrative plays out and who wins by pressing play on the video below!

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