Master of Crusade: A Bigger Better Abaddon Model?

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Out of the Eye of Terror emerges a new Chaos Master of Crusade to lead the armies of Chaos into victory over the forces of the Imperium and Xenos in the galaxy.

The team at Wargame Exclusive have brought a magnificently sculpted Chaos Master of Crusade, a perfect addition to the Chaos armies of Warhammer 40,000.

Here is a quick sample of the exquisite sculpts and individual parts that come with this new resin model. For the complete overview, be sure to scroll down and press play on the full video below.

chaos master of crusade 3

The new resin not-quite-Abaddon is fantastically sculpted with exquisite detail. The pieces include the 40mm base, main body, trophy racks, leg, talon, topknot (can’t be a baddy without one!), shoulder pads, ammo-belt feed, and sword. The base is 40 mm, has thrashed out metal and a foot pad for the Master of Crusade to step on.

The main body itself has exquisite detail with dozens of skulls and chains, tabard, head that wires into the armor, and even chaos symbols above the arm sockets. There is so much detail you could potentially be painting for days!

Even the back has The trophy racks fit on top of the backpack and require minimal clipping to fit in. The topknot sockets to the top of his head, possibly requiring some trimming, but otherwise easy to piece together.

The shoulder pads slot into the arms themselves prior to be putting on the arms. The leg has great bone detail and even the hand has easy spots for the thumb and ammo-belt feed to fit on.

chaos master of crusade

The demon sword has crazy warp fire going all over, has a skull on the heft, and an Eye of Terror in the center of the hilt.

All in all, a great custom alternate sculpt for a counts-as Abaddon the Despoiler in your Chaos armies.


Chaos Master of Crusade 29.99

HQ resin miniature with 40 mm base.
These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

This model, and others, are available on Wargame Exclusive. Be sure to press play on our video below to see the new Chaos Master of Crusade, as well as how he stacks up to a previous converted version of the Despoiler.

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  • Haunted memory

    My local GW had the shits that I purchased and was painting one of these. Awesome model that I’m just finishing the base on now. Really fun to paint but definitely needs to be done in its separate pieces before piecing together

  • Decent sized and sculpted Abbadon’s is long overdue from GW. In the meantime, I have to say, this model is pretty damn Awesome and don’t even collect Chaos anymore. Hopefully, after GW is done with the Deathguard releases, they will put out some suitable modular Chaos Space Marines and Characters

    • dante13

      Looking at the new death guard tanks i’m not sure i’d want a new GW abbadon..

      • They are trying a little too hard with those I agree, but there are decent sculptors that work for the company, we just have to hope that it is one of them that ends up sculpting Baddy. Whoever sculpted the Forge World Vulkan or Horus would be a good choice

        • dante13

          I’m not sure the Forgeworld does Games workshop sculpts.. I agree though some do really great work (Primarchs look amazing) but others holy hell they are poor..

  • dante13

    I love these guys and their copies but buying them and not being able to use them in GW battles kinda sucks.. GW and their no proxies BS really limits customers going to their shops…

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