Bombing Outside the Box: Star Wars X-Wing

By Barclay Montgomery | October 31st, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0

TIE Punishers carry a massive payload of bombs and torpedoes that would love to meet the Rebels head on. Check out this Punisher that bombs outside the box!

We are back at it again with one of the best (there’s only 2) TIE Punishers out there: Deathrain. This crazy bomber shook up the metagame when he came out, simply for the fact that he can bomb out of the front arcs on his base! After he drops a bomb, he gets to perform a free barrel roll, which is great for getting him away from his own bombs. A new upgrade may be able to help.

The Trajectory Simulator works much like Deathrain’s pilot ability, except this system upgrade uses the 5 straight to launch bombs out of the front arc. The key difference is that bombs that utilize the”Action:” keyword cannot be used for Trajectory Simulator, but that’s ok with Deathrain.

A great bomb to launch 5 straight in front of you is Proton Bombs. This bomb can be launched as soon as you reveal your maneuver dial and deals 1 faceup damage card to any ship at range 1 at the end of the activation phase. This is great for disrupting your enemy’s tightly formed squadron of ships and keeps your fighters safe.

when Deathrain wants to use his standard pilot ability bomb drop, he can go for “Action:” bombs like Proximity Mines. The template for Prox. Mines is fairly large and can reach enemies fairly easily. Once a ship overlaps the Proximity Mines it rolls 2 dice and takes damage for hits and crits. This is the perfect way for Deathrain to bomb ships in the activation phase and leave them hurting!

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