Han & Rey Are Back: Star Wars Destiny

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reyhanThe dynamic duo of Destiny is back for another adventure! Come and see some new tricks that they can dish out when fighting the Villains.

Rey is the epitome of fast with her ability to perform an additional action whenever she is equipped with an upgrade. She can chain a slew of actions by equipping Ambush upgrades onto her, and this synergizes perfectly with Han Solo.Han Solo is the Scoundrel extraordinaire that has plenty of guns for the job. His ability makes it so that he gains a shield every time you play a card with Ambush. This is a great way to make Han your tank and gain shields every time Rey is equipped with an Ambush upgrade. This works perfectly with ranged weapons and a new one from Empire at War adds even more utility. 

The X-8 Night Sniper is the perfect weapon for Han and Rey. Having Ambush, this ranged weapon comes with a cool action ability to be able to spend a resource to change its die to any side. This is a great way to keep your die consistent and can make it so that you can resolve 3 damage each turn for 2 resources. 

Truce is an excellent new event card that has Ambush. Not only can it give Han a free shield, it allows each player to gain 1 resource. This is a great way to have free action spamming as well as having resources for your X-8 Night Sniper or any other upgrade that you need.

Another great Event card for Han and Rey is Concentrate. This 1 cost event allows you to turn one of your dice to any side. You may spend 1 resource to turn another of your dice to any side. This is a fantastic card that can make your ranged dice more consistently hit their target for a mere 2 resources. What a steal!

Is this what Han and Rey needed to get back on top? It’s up to you to try it out and see!

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