Crimson Squadron: Star Wars X-Wing

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The Resistance Bombers are forming up to engage enemy ships! Set up their bombing runs with these new pilots for Star Wars X-Wing!

Crimson Leader is a named pilot for the B/SF-17 Bomber and he is at pilot skill 7. This hulking beast of a ship is ready to blow away pesky TIE fighters with bombs and a new Condition Card. When attacking, if the defender is inside your firing arc you may spend 1 die with a hit or crit result to assign the”rattled” Condition to the defender.

Rattled makes it so that whenever the ship that it’s applied to suffers damage or critical damage, you suffer 1 additional critical damage. This is a good way to double up on critical damage results on your enemies. 

Since the primary means of dealing damage with the B/SF-17 Bomber, Ordnance Silos are a great option to add to your payload. This card works just like Extra Munitions except it takes up a bomb slot and adds 3 ordnance tokens to each bomb upgrade card. A great way to extend your bombing runs!

Since bombing can get dangerous in close quarters, Deflective Plating is a great way to mitigate if you get to close to your own ordnance. When a friendly bomb detonates, you may choose to not suffer its effects. If you do, you roll an attack die and discard the Plating on a hit roll. This is a great way to get in close and bomb some ships!

The Resistance Bomber is ready to deliver its special packages of joy to the Empire!

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