3 Best Special Rules: 8th Edition 40k

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Death Guard Wal Hor

Now that 8th edition Warhammer 40k has been out for a year, there have been a lot of armies that have proven themselves extremely powerful because of their “special rule” Here’s our list of the 3 best.

Let’s go ahead and get this first one over with…

Disgustingly Resilient

nurgle wal

This rule for me has been the most headache-inducing mechanic I have ever faced on the tabletop. I have had to take Tylenol after finishing a game with Death Guard before. We all have to thank this green jerk for it.

Don’t get me wrong. This rule is extremely good. Probably the best. Starting out with infantry units being a higher toughness from other things is brutal considering most armies have S4 dakka. On top of that, you can ignore the wound on a 5+? Statistics say you’ve got about a 65(ish)% percent of failing the roll. But Death Guard players roll 5+ disgustingly resilient rolls like it’s going out of style.

pox walkers

It’s hard enough that my Land Raider and Storm Raven are wounding you on 5+. This rule is absolutely fantastic because it maxes out your point efficiency. You may pay 150 points for a squad and statistics say that the squad should be dead after 100 bolter shots thrown at it but apparently, Nurgle protects.

Quantum Shielding

necron lord

Quantum Shielding is FANTASTIC against actual tank-hunting weaponry. You’re better off glancing a Necron vehicle to death than paying points for a Meltagun and doing 6 damage to it.

If you haven’t gone against Quantum Shielding yet, the rule says as long as they roll less than the damage you did to the vehicle, all the wounds are ignored. That means if you use something like Lascannons or Meltas, Fusion blasters, etc, chances are, the Necron player will ignore all the damage.

necron meme

That big ol’ harpoon won’t be able to touch the Necron vehicles aside from the D3 mortal wounds that the weapon does. That’s why 1-2 damage weapons are a sweet spot for taking on Necrons. This goes back to getting the maximum points efficiency for your vehicles. Statistics say that the 170 point ghost ark should die after X damage. But it can ignore all the damage and make you waste shots at it.

Rising Crescendo

harlequin solitaire

Rising Crescendo is actually Spanish for “ignore basic rule structure that everyone else has to follow”. Basic rules say if you advance, you can’t charge. If you fall back, you can’t shoot or charge. etc.

Harlequins took those “rules” as a suggestion and completely ignored it. This entire army can move, advance, shoot, charge, fall back and charge something else. It’s bad enough these guys put jet fuel in their coffee before every battle.

Good luck trying to screen your tanks against these guys too. On top of moving faster than Sonic the Hedgehog, they can jump over your poor excuse you call a screen with flip belts and pop a cap in your armor.

harlequin charge

If you don’t get the first turn when you play against Harlequins, it comes down to praying to the God-Emperor for bad rolls on the enemy’s behalf because the enemy wIll probably assault you that turn.

These are just a few at some overpowered rules in 8th edition. What special rule is your bane? Do you have a way to get around some of these tactics? Let us know over in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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