Big Changes Coming to 40k’s ITC Missions: LATEST

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The latest ITC missions have been spotted this morning as well big updates and some talk of a meta shift coming. Let’s check out the latest from the organizers.

Coming from Frontline Gaming this morning, they previewed some of the latest secondary mission objectives. We’ll be taking a look at the new scorable points as well as breaking down a “meta shift” that’s coming.

Big Changes Coming to 40k’s ITC Missions: LATEST

ITC missions

Marked for death is a nice touch as you can either snipe easy-to-kill targets or focus fire four big things over the course of a few turns.

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Titan Slayers is meant for people to farm points going against Knight lists. You just have to deal 8 wounds collectively. This is useful because any contribution you can make towards killing a Knight isn’t wasted. You could ping one Knight for 3 damage and another one for 5 and you’ll still get a point.

Reaper can be brutal for horde armies. They’d practically be giving the opponent a point by sacrificing a blob of Cultists or even Termagaunts in the meta. The best part is you don’t have to kill a whole squad, it’s every 20 models…

Lastly, we’ll look at Butcher’s Bill. Butcher’s bill can be used in tandem with things like Reaper and Titan Slayer. You’ll basically be working towards two objective points for the price of one. If all of your objectives you have are to only kill things, as long as you kill at least two units a turn, that’s an additional point.

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Plus you can still “stack” secondaries in a fashion because everything counts towards reaper model wise, and when you destroy something, say a dominus class titan, you can decide how to allocate out all the points claimed to your secondary objectives (as long as you don’t duplicate their allocations).

ITC Scenarios

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We’ve also got a preview of one of the coming missions. The objectives of this mission could be placed a bit more randomly than normal. The players will get to place one anywhere on the map and then the other MUST go into the enemy territory. The only way to win, however, is to control both objectives they placed.

This mission will force players to make a decision based on the kind of army they’re playing. What are we talking about? Well, we may actually see assault armies put both objectives in the enemy’s deployment. The assault army is coming to get into close combat with them regardless. They can kill the enemy and score two objective points in the process.

Be on the lookout for these at the next ITC as well as a meta shift.

Talk of a Meta Shift

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Spotted on Frontline Gaming, there were a few sentences that mentioned a meta shift coming to Imperial Knight players in the competitive setting.

I am speaking, of course, about the two Meta shifts. First is the shift to deal with Imperial Knights is well underway, and the second is the new ITC Missions!

And lastly…

So, the meta in the ITC.  The first big thing is the adjustments still being made to deal with Imperial Knights, and the adjustments being made by Knight players to try and find the best builds and stay a bit ahead of the curve.

It seems like there are not many other lists out there that can go toe to toe with Knights except more Knights. The ITC has decided to step in and change things around so other factions have a chance. At the end of the day, the Imperial Knight, BA Captain, Guard list is strong, but it also falls to Knights.

What do you think about the missions that were spotted? Are you ready for a meta shift to fix Knights? What will you be taking to the ITC? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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