Affordable Quantity: Vehicles For Less Mantic Unboxing

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Affordable Quantity: Vehicles For Less Mantic Unboxing

The Warpath Universe has several factions vying for supremacy. Take a look at two of these factions’ vehicles and decide which one you prefer!

Mantic Games has created several games, including their Warpath line. These kits are easy to assemble and look fantastic to boot. They really are “affordable quality”

Take a look at this quick overview just two of the many Warpath models, then be sure to watch the video below for the entire review!

Affordable Quantity: Vehicles For Less Mantic Unboxing

Affordable Quantity: Vehicles For Less Mantic Unboxing

GCPS Mule Transport £17.99

warpath mule

The Mule is the ubiquitous vehicle of all armies across the GCPS. From verdant jungles to arid toxic wastelands – they have all felt the tread of the Mule’s tyres and the boots of the Marines they carry.


These model kits do not come with instructions but can be assembled fairly easily. They are snap-fit, so minimal glue is required. For the most part, everything lines up pretty well and can be figured out easily. Size-wise, it compares in length to a rhino but is smaller in width.

The hatch in the back of the truck lowers to form a ramp, so the model can easily be posed. Plus there are top gun options that can be removed and switched easily.

Veer-Myn Tunneller £24.99

warpath drill

Often the first an enemy will know of the presence of a Tunneller is when a unit disappears, swallowed up by sinkhole that suddenly opens beneath them. Filled to bursting with a mass of Veer-Myn or heavy chemical weapons, these infernal machines are a constant threat.

The Tunneler looks pretty neat and has some fantastic looking weapons. It also does slot together, like the mule, but will probably need some glue to hold together and stabilize some of the panels.

The front drills are modular, able to be moved in and out and lock into place without glue.

Mantic has other amazing games and miniatures available, including Hellboy and Kings of War. Check out their website for more information on Warpath, as well as other games and systems. Be sure to watch the entire review below!

Miniatures provided for promotion and review

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