Infected By The Lord Of Chaos: Conversion Corner

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When a mighty Knight Titan gets infected by Grandfather Nurgle, the consequences can be dire, well at least for the Imperium that is.

Check out one awesome model brought to us by White Metal Games.

Here are a few details about the project:
1.  The Model is a complete kit bash of different Games Workshop Miniatures. We used bits from the Greater Unclean one kit, the main kit being the new Knight Castellant, Sylvineth kits for the twigs on the model, different Tyranid bits, and mushrooms form the Citadel Woods kit. Our goal being to make the knight look as gnarly as possible
2.  We have custom sculpted some of the details, the large masses of flesh, all of the blending and gap filling on the model itself, allowing for a smoother looking model, and also applying our creative touch to the model
3. This model is a force of nature, as you can see in the photos, there is a lot of dead vegetation and fungi on the model, giving it a nightmarish look like it had crawled out of a swamp, or worse.
Oh man, look at that thing!

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