Endless Combinations of Painted Knights Out There

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Knights, Knights Everywhere! Showcase

Imperial Knights are impressive on the table… these are even more so! Take a look at these variations of absolutely amazing Knights!

The Wobbly Modelers are back in the studio, pulling out all the Knights! These are some of the endless combinations of painted Knights out there, and a smattering of their collection.

deathguard renegade knights

First up, the Death Guard Renegade Knights look disgustingly phenomenal. Each one has freehand, conversions, spikes, pustules, nurglings, slime, acid burns, and so much more. So many different kits went into building these knights, including Skaven bits, Lord of Skulls pieces, Glottkin bits, bells, and so many more.

ork looted knights

Looted Knights are tons of fun with Orky themes as each knight has Grots piloting and manning the weapons. They all have Ork themes built in, including the legs and head plus a lot of dakka in the weapons. All the detail applied to keeping these themed are fantastic right down to the bits!

freeblade knights

The Freeblade Knights are all named with Latin writing on their chest scrolls. Plus they are magnetized to interchange all the weapons as well. Each knight has battle damage but still looks crisp and impressive on the table.

specialty knights

Captain America and the Thousand Sons Knight are also fantastically done. The Tsons even has ghosts being cast forth, freehand on the shoulder pads, hieroglyphics, Tomb King pieces to keep the theme, and so much detail! Captain America is crisp, clean, and ready to defend everything!

These Knights are all tons of fun with many different styles used for each one. Hopefully, these amazing knights inspire you for Titanicus and creating unique armies in 40k as well!

wobbly knights

For more information about how you can commission the Wobbly Modelers, check out their Facebook page, and be sure to watch the entire showcase below as well!

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