Unbeatable Top 3 Lists in 40k from SoCal Open 2018


The first major Warhammer 40k event post-FAQ was held over the weekend with some surprising outcomes. Take a look at what factions placed at the top!

The SoCal Open was the first big event to play with the FAQ changes. The lists that made it out on top are a bit surprising. It actually looks like the “problem” faction is still hanging around the top of the leaderboards. Let’s break down the top five player’s lists.

Unbeatable Top 3 Lists in 40k from SoCal Open 2018

best coast pairings

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can take a look at every player’s list across the Globe!

1st Place: Brandon Grant

Imperial Guard Catachan Wal Hor

Catachan Brigade 


  • Company Commander (Warlord): Laspistol Chainsword 30pts
  • Straken 75pts
  • Primaris Psyker 46pts


  • 8x Infantry squads 320pts


  • 9x Bullgryn: 9 mauls, 5 slab shield, 4 brute shield 378pts
  • Platoon Commander(Kurov’s Aquila): Laspistol Chainsword 20pts
  • Priest: Laspistol Chainsword 35pts


  • Mortar Team 33pts
  • 2x Basilisks 216pts
  • 3xArtemia Hellhounds 243pts

Super Heavy Auxiliary

  • Castellan Knight (House Raven) 604pts

Total CP: 15 Total Points: 2,000

Interestingly enough, the FAQ and all its changes didn’t really touch the Imperial Guard. Sure, they can’t regenerate nearly as much CP as they used to, but players are still taking Kurov’s Aquila despite the nerf. Imperial Guard as a singular faction is still a force to be reckoned with. They are somewhat of a swiss-army faction. They’ve got everything mankind has to offer and can whoop up on some Xenos (which is exactly what they did).

The Castellan is still a monster itself too. It’s actually never been so protected. Now that Fly units have to charge on-foot, those eighty Guardsmen in the list had an easy job screening this behemoth.

2nd Place: Cooper Waddell


Hive Fleet Kraken Battalion

kraken socal

GSC Supreme Command

GSC socal

Kronos Battalion

kronos socal

Important: We think there might’ve been some kind of Copy/paste error at the tournament. There were three squads of three Ripper Swarms and are TROOPS.

Total CP: 14 Total Points 1999

Tyranids actually shot up to second place after the FAQ. That’s a pretty warm welcome considering that they haven’t really been at the top five list standings since the beginning of 8th edition.

This list is surprisingly effective. The player capitalized on Genestealers with a splash of  GSC. The only real tank-busting firepower in this list was from the Hive Guard (and Rending Claws). Even though the list lacked the heavy hitting high AP, multi damage aspect, he was still able to crack through most armor and dominate the board. Especially with the help of Overrun and the Broodlord.

3rd Place: Alex Aquila

archon dark eldar wal hor

Dark Eldar Brigade


alex aquilla 1

alex aquilla 2

alex aquilla 3

Alex’s list is a bit unique from most Eldar players in the fact that he played a strict Dark Eldar list. Most Eldar factions will cherry pick the best units out of all three codexes and roll them into one super list. Kudos to Alex for showing off the true strength that one faction can bring.

As it turns out, the fourth was an Eldar list as well, with Custodes Jetbike Spam rounding out the top 5.

We may be seeing a new trend unfold as a result of the FAQ. Guard are still the top force to be reckoned with and Eldar are doing consistently better against other factions now. We’ll still have to see more placings before we say that Tyranids are back under the spotlight.

Congratulations to everyone that placed! You’re paving the way for the latest meta-trend after this big FAQ!

What do you think about these tournament results after the FAQ? Are you surprised to see Guard place so well almost entirely on its own? Will Eldar start to take over the meta? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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