Weapons Look Better With Sweet Heat Effects

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Weapons Look Better With Blue Heat Effects

Heat effects on cannons and other weapons can look daunting but are incredibly easy to achieve. Take a look at this easy method using Secret Weapon paints!

Heated weapon effects have been covered numerous times but are always worth revisiting with different techniques. Take a look at this method using Secret Weapon paints and an airbrush! Be sure to check out the entire tutorial by pressing play on the video below!

Weapons Look Better With Sweet Heat Effects

Weapons Look Better With Sweet Heat Effects

To start, thin down Secret Weapon Orange Rust with flow improver and apply multiple thin coats over the metal, maintaining the texture on the model. Thin coats are very important to keep those details and metal sheen through.

heated metal purple

Next, thin down Purple Heat with flow improver and spray thin coats over the barrel. Apply with several thin coats to give a purple hue to the brown undercoat, glazing up the colors. Occasionally, blow only air through the airbrush to help dry the paint. Feather up slowly towards the tip so there is more brown in the back and purple in the front.


With more flow improver, mix in the Blue Heat to thin it down. Same as the purple, start glazing up the blue. This gives a subtle transition and allows the metal details to show through. Glazing slowly also allows the transition to appear more natural, giving a beautiful effect on the model.

heated metal effects

There you have it, easy and amazing heat effects! You can do all these same effects with a paintbrush, using the same idea of multiple thin coats. Be sure to check out the entire video tutorial below!

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