Keep Your Minis Magnetized & In Coherency: New Trays!

By Tim Roberts | January 5th, 2019 | Categories: Basing, Game & Hobby Products, Magnets


Keep your movement phases tight and tidy with these great new Ferrous Movement Trays from The Magnet Baron that save you time moving and storing your minis!

The hobby maniacs at The Magnet Baron want to make sure no mini is left behind! That’s why they created these great Ferrous Movement Trays!

Ferrous means all you have to magnetize are your minis and NOT the tray itself! Better yet Magnet Baron also sells pre-magnetize resin bases as well!

Let’s take a look!

Ferrous Movement Trays-Cloud 5×2: $5.49





Do you play 40k or AoS with models? Then boy do I have the solution for you!

Metallic resin movement trays that your magnetized models will stick to!  These are all set to be the same size as the bases of your models.  This lets you measure directly from the tray itself as well as the tray not getting in the way the rest of the battle.

Get these Ferrous movement trays and keep your models right where they belong, where you put them!

Ferrous Movement Trays-Cloud 3×2$3.99




What trays should you get?

For models that aren’t standing nicely in their bases, like Guardians, Tactical Marines, or Guardsman, get one size up so they have space for all their arms.

There are different sizes for each base size as well as a  few different configurations in other listings for larger mobs.

 Please note, the magnet on the base of the models must be in near or direct contact with the tray itself, otherwise, it will not work.  In order to get the resin to be magnetic like this, it won’t be as strong as say a cookie sheet.

These trays will let you worry about how to defeat your enemy and not spend all your time getting your guys to the fight. Make sure you visit the magnet baron and secure you Ferrous Movement Trays today!

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