New Tabletop Terrain From The Hexy Store

By Tim Roberts | February 10th, 2019 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, Terrain


New Tabletop Terrain From The Hexy Store

Come and see the latest additions to the great products at the Hexy Store as we take a look at some new terrain from Warhead Studio.

The Hexy Store is a great collection of vendors all come together under one banner to bring great tabletop products to your gaming experience. Let’s a look at some of their latest terrain.

Small Wooden House: $30.39

small-wooden-house (1)



Small Wooden Resin Casted house perfect for your Saga Wargames or Hail Caesar. Easily can be used in Fantasy wargames too like Kings of War or Warhammer Age of Sigmar

High Quality Resin Cast

Easy to Build MultiPart Resin Kit

Room for future expansions to make your Wargame Table Unique everytime!


Length: 130mm

Height: 110mm

Width: 81mm

Design by Terrain4Print

All models showed only for scale purposes.


Stone Walls Set (6): $9.12



stone-walls-set-6 (1)


stone-walls-set-6 (2)

Rock Stone Wall Set is perfect for historical games like Bolt Action or Saga (both of which we are huge fans) or can be used in Age of Sigmar or 40k. It’s always good to have a set of those at hand to add an extra line of sight blockers or just have a few random pieces around the table.

Perfectly cast almost ready to paint resin terrain pieces. 

Set Contains:

1x Gate Wall

2x Razed Ends 

1x Razed Opened Section

2x Full Walls

Dimensions of walls:

Length: ~100mm

Height: ~47mm

Width: ~20mm

All models showed only for scale purposes.


Square SciFi Tower: $6.08

square-scifi-tower (1)



Towers are made from resin. Great addition to your tabletop games.  The kit can be stacked on each other creating a tall tower or you can add a bunker to close it up in a unique way.

Set contains:

1 Tower

Model designed with 6mm-32mm scale in mind.


Width: ~65mm

All models showed only for scale purposes.

Computer Objectives Set (6): $8.10

computer-objectives-set-6 (3)


computer-objectives-set-6 (2)


computer-objectives-set-6 (1)

Objective Computer set contains perfectly casted resin pieces that you can use in many different games. In skirmish type games like Necromunda or Kill Team, they can be a simple line of sight blockers or objectives your forces fight over to control or in games of Infinity can be used as a hacking objective

Perfectly cast terrain pieces with minimum work in mind – jump right to painting!

Full modularity – our objectives work perfectly with our other sets like Walls or GW Buildings

Use them as stand alone or combine them with your existing Games Workshop kits by adding them to buildings.

Package Contains: 

2x Resin Computer Type A

2x Resin Computer Type B

2x Resin Computer Type C


Width: ~26mm

All models showed only for scale purposes.

These are just a few of the new Sci-Fi and Fantasy terrain features that are available at the Hexy Store. Make sure you drop by their site to see all the great hobby accessories that they have to offer today!

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