Redline Aces: X-Wing 2.0 Tie Squad Build

By Barclay Montgomery | March 20th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0

Imperial Aces

Imperial Aces are closing in on their prey, and they have different techniques to take out the best pilots of the Rebels and the Scum factions!


TIE Punisher pilot, Redline, is bringing the ordnance to bear against his foes in X-Wing 2.0. This unique Punisher can obtain up to 2 different locks, which can help keep your torpedoes on target and get those re-rolls in a pinch. Locking up to 2 ships can keep your opponents on their toes, not knowing which of his ships will be marked for death by Redline. Advanced Sensors

Getting those targets locks can sometimes be difficult, but with Advanced Sensors, no ship will be safe against Redline. As a sensor upgrade, Advanced Sensors allows you to perform an action after you reveal your dial, but before you perform a maneuver. This can help you get a target lock on an enemy ship that may slip out of range once it activates, and if you have 2 enemy ships within range, you can grab 2 target locks at once. Proton Torpedoes

Once you have your targets locked, use some Proton Torpedoes to take them out. This torpedo upgrade gives Redline a 4 dice attack at range 2-3 against locked targets and gives the option to spend 1 charge to turn 1 hit result into a crit. Your opponent will get no range bonus to their defense dice when attacked by Redline’s Proton Torpedoes, so make them count! Soontir Fel

If Proton Torpedoes weren’t worrisome enough, your enemies will dread facing the legendary Soontir Fel. This TIE Interceptor Ace may be the most elite pilot the Empire has to offer. His ability allows Soontir to grab a focus token at the start of the Engagement Phase if an enemy ship is in his bulls-eye arc, which allows him to single out a ship for destruction once he has set his sights on them. Predator

Since Soontir will be laser-focused on his bulls-eye arc, Predator can help him finish the Rebels quickly. This talent upgrade allows Soontir to re-roll 1 attack die against a target in his bulls-eye arc, and his free focus token will make sure that his attack has the most chance to take down a Rebel ship in one activation.

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