Quick On the Draw: X-Wing 2.0 Tie FO Build

By Barclay Montgomery | April 5th, 2019 | Categories: Star Wars Tactics, X-Wing 2.0

Tie/Fo X-wing 2.0

The First Order is bringing in their Special Forces with the named TIE s/f pilot, Quickdraw. This skilled pilot deals damage whenever he himself is damaged!

Quickdraw is one of the most elite pilots of the First Order in X-Wing 2.0. At an impressive 6 initiative and loaded up with dual actions everywhere, Quickdraw will make quick work of those Rebels.

Special Forces Gunner

Also, Quickdraw will punish any who dares to attack him in combat. Whenever Quickdraw loses a shield, he may spend 1 charge to perform a bonus primary attack. With 3 shields on him, and the option to add another with a Shield Upgrade, Quickdraw will be just as deadly while defending as he is when attacking.

Quickdraw is part of the First Order Special Forces, so he comes equipped with a Special Forces Gunner. This turret upgrade makes the most use out of the TIE s/f and its turret arcs. While performing a primary forward arc attack, if your turret is in your front arc, you may roll 1 additional die.  If you perform a primary forward attack and your turret is in your rear, you may perform a bonus rear turret attack. This can give Quickdraw a 3 die attack out of his forward arc and can essentially split fire if his turret is oriented to his rear…Shield Upgrade

A Shield Upgrade is a must have for Quickdraw. An extra shield can give him more chances to get his double attacks off. If all else fails, you could deliberately fly through an obstacle in the hopes that you lose a shield to get an early shot off in an engagement round. Quick on the draw! Fanatical

Quickdraw’s ability only works as long as he has shields, and once he’s out of those, he will become Fanatical. This elite upgrade gives Quickdraw the ability to change 1 focus result to a hit while attacking and he is not shielded. Quickdraw lives and kills by his shields, so make the most of them!

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