Thrown: A Tricky New Game From Wizkids

By Tim Roberts | April 6th, 2019 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, WizKids

Come and learn how you just might be able to trick your way to glory with this “Dicey” new board game from the hobby maniacs at Wizkids!

If you love rolling dice, you won’t want to miss the latest release from one of the top names in the board game business as we take a look at Thrown from Wizkids.

Thrown: $19.99

Many are familiar with the idea of a trick-taking game: cards are played, with suits mattering, and you are trying to get the highest value on the table. Sometimes there are trumps which override the suits.


In Thrown, the way to play into a trick is by using dice! The colors of the dice represent the suits. Lead player rolls 1-3 dice of a color (the suit) and the other players try to roll in-suit to get the highest value on the table. If you do not have the right suit, then you can roll for trump: rolling a natural 6 on one of your dice in an off-suit will beat the highest value in-suit.

Winning a trick gives you gold. The game ends when there are a number of rounds played equal to the number of players. The winner is the player with the most gold.

But lo – there are cards in the game. These cards give special abilities which are paid for, or activated with, dice of particular colors. Some of the effects include: flipping your or your opponent’s dice to their opposite sides, removing dice, rerolling dice, automatically winning with a particular roll, etc.


  • 40 Dice
  • Gold Tokens
  • 26 Cards
  • 4 Cubes
  • Rules
  • Box: 168 x 126 x 35mm

Take control of the Dice! Make sure you visit Wizkids and secure a copy of Thrown for your board game collection today!

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