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Large Knight Replacement Skull HeadLooking for some new upgrades for your next Knight project? The hobby maniacs at Taro Modelmaker are celebrating their new website with some great new bits.

Come and see some of the best Knight upgrades on the market as Taro Modelmaker unveils their brand new web site!

Taro Modelmaker

One man casting machine

Over 5 years selling on Etsy I have built quite the reputation for providing amongst the best castings in the industry of some of the most well designed and loved add on kits. Now the time has come for the next step in the journey…….thank you all for helping me explore my passion.

Every item you will find here has been lovingly designed, created, molded, cast, boxed up and shipped by me… Taro!

Large Knight Replacement Skull Head: £7.00

Large Knight Replacement Skull HeadThis latest unmasked skull head comes with a set of cable lengths, designed to allow complete customization. These can be formed by gently heating with a hairdryer. 

Compatible with Questoris and Dominus Knights. 

Prior to use, it is recommended to clean each piece in warm soapy water to remove the residue release agent. Persistent release and silicone residue will remove with spirit-based fluid, I recommend white spirit and an old toothbrush. Wash in water after using spirit-based cleaners. Glues with superglue. 

Combat Head Options: £7.50

Combat Head OptionsAlongside the return of the combat head MK3, there is now a massive range of combat heads and options. Not only are all the old head options back they have been joined by maces, wreaking balls, lances, swords, claws, chains and hopefully many more in the future. 

Some parts come as multi-part kits, straight-chain sections are supplied with the chain attachment. Chain link set comes as 42 individual links which clip together but it is recommended to glue each link, makes a chain length of 16cm.

All combat heads are sold separately, chain links are larger than the previous ones in the others in my store and have been specifically designed for this set. 

Imperial Knight Combat Arm MK3: £25.00

Imperial Knight Combat Arm MK3The return of the most popular item to date! In an all-new and massively updated MK3 design. Having spent many months designing and refining, I am very excited to release this latest version. With a host of new components and now with two base builds from this one kit the options are going to be endless!

Multi-part resin kit comes with everything you need to build both versions. Supplied with the classic combat shaft, side shield, drive motor and a host of pummels to build the original combat arm. Now with an all-new top-mounted armor plate and rear energy cell, you will be able to use the all-new head options. As well as multiple cables for you to heat bend wherever you wish. 

Supplied without combat heads, all of which can be found in one convenient listing within the store. 

This component is compatible with Questoris Knights. Compatible with all combat heads from my range, both new and old. 
Fits the standard shoulder joint or can be used with the one available in my store.

These great upgrades will help you create a Knight that is all your own. Make sure you visit the new Taro Modelmaker site and secure your upgrades today!

Large Knight Replacement Skull Head: £7.00

Combat Head Options: £7.50

Imperial Knight Combat Arm MK3: £25.00

About the Author: Tim Roberts

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