Slaanesh’s Favorite Colors: LVO Army Collection

slaanesh favorite colors walThe Lord of Pleasure was seen at the Age of Sigmar’s LVO tables rocking Slaanesh’s favorite colors. Check out this awesome collection of colorful baddies.

The 2020 LVO brought players from all across the world to roll some dice under one roof. With the meta healthier than ever, we saw some incredible armies at the event. Now that it’s wrapped up, we’re taking a look at this awesome Slaanesh collection spotted on the AoS tables.

lvo las vegas open 2020Las Vegas Open 2020

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Slaanesh’s Favorite Colors: LVO Army Showcase

slaanesh favorite colors 1Slaanesh is all about excess, and boy does this paint job scream that (in a good way). Check out all of the shifting colors on these models before we jump into a closer look at each.

slaanesh favorite colors 2This Keeper of Secrets is standing on one of the most unique bases we’ve ever seen. Not only that, but the model is painted up in some beautiful oranges and bright blues. This creates an awesome contrast with the dark purple skin of the model. Also, yes, that’s Archaon in the background.

slaanesh favorite colors 3This Sorcerer has a similar paint scheme with a custom gem placed on its base. Pay particular attention to the fading detail on the robe.

slaanesh favorite colors 4There are some mounted Seeker units with riders ready to experience all the pleasures combat has to offer. From pink skin to green tongues, they pop from tables away.

slaanesh favorite colors 5Finally, there’s a humongous Creature Caster Warrior Demon rocking some darker color tones than the rest of the army, standing in the back like an ominous force.

Overall, a great job on this collection. You went with a whole myriad of “risky” paint colors but pulled them all off wonderfully.

What do you think about Slaanesh in AoS? What’s your favorite model out of the faction?

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