GW August 15 Pre-Order Prices & Lineup CONFIRMED!

gw new release walConfirmed prices on the new hotness for Warhammer Underworlds and more are here. From new Warbands to books you don’t want to miss the next release wave!

Retailers have confirmed the prices and lineup for the next wave of Warhammer Underworlds releases. Take a look at what everything will cost in the days ahead so you can start saving your hobby $$$.

White Dwarf 455 $9

white dwarf 455This coming White Dwarf has content based around an Adeptus Titanicus battle report, some Chapter organization lore for Space Marines, and a Tome Celestial Jaws of Mork breaking down the rankings and structure of the Gloomspite Gitz

Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven $35

Morgwaeth's Blade-CovenThis is the first time Daughters of Khaine have gotten some love in a while. Even if you don’t play Warhammer Underworlds, these models make for some great character stand-ins in AoS.

Morgok’s Krushas $35

Morgok's Krushas whcWe actually saw these back during the Toyfair preview so it will be nice to finally see them hit shelves next week! Both of the factions are also in very dynamic and unique posing making them fun hobby experiences. These are a good way to take a break from painting 40 identical troop choices for a full-scale army! This is the second Warband we’ve seen for Ironjaws in Warhammer Underworlds as well.

Beastgrave Warband Sleeve Packs $12.50

blade-coven krushas sleevesAs per-usual you can pick up some Warband-themed sleeves to flex your collection in-game.

Beastgrave Warband Dice Packs $12.50

Blade-coven Krushas dice packYou can also pick up some themed dice with colors that represent each of the factions.

Black library banner

Divination (PB) $16

divination pbInquisitor Covenant muss die Pläne des unheilvollen “Triumvirats” durchkreuzen … doch er steht nicht allein. In diesem Erzählband finden sich Geschichten über seine Verbündeten – Schurken, Agenten, Psioniker und Auftragsmörder –, die ihm im Kampf gegen die Finsternis beistehen.

The Buried Dagger (PB) $9.99

the burried daggerFor long years, the Horus Heresy has ground on. Now, the Death Guard have been sent to begin the final battle. But Mortarion and his sons must face their gravest challenge first – for Nurgle has claimed them as his own, and he will not be denied…

This time around there’s been a heavy focus on Warhammer Underworlds as Beastgrave begins to come to a close. The great thing about these Warbands is that they’re all packed with unique models that add even more to player’s existing AoS collections.

What do you think about the models inside the new Beastgrave Warbands? Are you excited to see where Warhammer Underworlds goes next? 

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