New JOYTOY Chaos Helbrute Action Figure Spotted!

Joytoy-action-figures-warhammer-40kThe line just seems to be ever-expanding as a new JOYTOY Chaos Helbrute Warhammer 40k Action Figure has been spotted!

We’ve already seen an Invictor Warsuit and a Dreadnought, so it’s not totally a shock to see this! We also just saw a bunch of stuff going on pre-order for people here in the States, so we’ll take a look at that first, then the loyalist dread, then jump into all the new stuff!

40k JOYTOY Action Figures Hit Pre-Order in the USA!

JOYTOY Preorders


JOYTOY Preorders 2You can get all of the above from Entertainment Earth right now. The nice part is now you can even get some Chaos stuff this time around! You can click any of the links below to go grab yours now!

The majority will be shipping out in August, but a few are in September, so just keep that in mind when you’re ordering. If you want to see what the figures are like in person, check out Rob’s video on it below.

New JOYTOY Space Marines Dreadnought & Heroes Spotted!

These were spotted over on Gcores and are just super cool!

JOYTOY Dreadnought 9While the heroes are cool, the dread is by far our favorite part of the release! We’re not sure how long until these hit the States, but we hope not too long!

JOYTOY Dreadnought 10When you get up close to it, there is just so much detail! Just look at all those wars this has fought in.

JOYTOY Dreadnought 12From every angle, it just looks intimidating, and hey, maybe you could actually use this as something in a real game of 40k, like a Knight of some kind.

New JOYTOY Chaos Helbrute Warhammer 40k Action Figure Spotted!

This was also spotted over on Gcores and is obviously, quite awesome.

helbrute 4The height looks quite accurate compared to the other figures, and even the Chaos collection is starting to look impressive!

HellbruteWe’re not sure quite how many bits this comes with, but you can see there, that it’s 23.2 CM.

helbruteThis bodes really well for Chaos as this almost brings them on level terms with what those pesky loyalists have grabbed from JOYTOY!

helbrute 2This is pretty intimidating, and hey, it could always work as a Knight in a real 40k game!

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