Spikey Bits Monthly Give-Away: New Winners & Spikey Bits Store!

By Rob Baer | September 30th, 2010 | Categories: Monthly giveaway, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy

Welcome back. Sorry for the delay in today’s post. Unfortunately there was an incident at my apartment this evening as someone attempted to enter my domicile while I was here.  Needless to say it was eventful, but I am safe now and mostly just a little frazzled.

Back to business- as you know I changed the criteria for the Give-Away last week, and not surprisingly that post received the most traffic of any I’ve made so far on Spikey Bits.
People like free stuff I guess. 🙂

If you missed that last week pop on over and check the post here. Basically I made it “harder” to win, to try to get a better response back from potentials winners.   That way the contest doesn’t drag on for weeks again.  Judging by the comments from last weeks post, it worked!

Well the first order of business before I get down to the give-away is the Spikey Bits Store!  A store you say? Yep Spikey Bits has store now, I have officially thrown my hat back in the ring of e-Commerce once again.

Why a would I want to open another store (Battlewagon Bits) you ask? Well originally I wanted to find a way for readers to help support my efforts with the blog (Spikey Bits) without basically asking for a handout.  Then I opened a brick and mortar store FTW Games in Richmond, Virginia and wanted to supplement the income of the store with online sales.

So the online store just seems to be a natural progression of those two needs.  It will also allow me to take down some of the more annoying ads on the blog, and spend more time focusing on more hobby articles for you all! I would really love to get back to making two hobby posts a day.  I hope most of you would enjoy reading them as well. 🙂

So please check out the store. Buying just a couple things from Spikey Bits here and there really helps me out and allows me to spend more time on the blog posting articles and making it better.  Plus all the products are competitively priced just like every other online store.

I’m starting it off small for right now, but I have access to every product line pretty much, so I will be adding a ton of new items to the site over the next few months. I’ll update the blog, when more items are available.  🙂

Okay so I went back and selected a new winner for the Bloodcrushers, and the Island of Blood. I had to sift through a pile of users Id’s for this, so it seems that I made it harder for me too lol.  Anways the winners are posted below.  You have 7 days to email me and claim your booty.  Make sure you send me an email from the same email you used to follow Spikey Bits, so can tell its you!

Spikey Bits August 2010 August/ Sept Give-Away Winners:

And the winners are,  Bloodcrushers: TheLeadHead (twitter account) and MechSpaceWolf (YouTube account) for the Island of Blood.

Again if this is you, please email me within a week to claim your swag.  Maybe this time I’ll actually be able to give it away.  🙂

For the rest of you, good luck next time! Also please go check out the Spikey Bits store, and help support the blog! -MBG

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