Baby Carlos and the One Man Wolfpack of Nurgle.

By Rob Baer | October 22nd, 2012 | Categories: Army of One, Chaos, Conversions

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Today we take a look at a one man wolfpack of Nurgle by Dan (AKA SQUOZE, HERALD OF NURGLE).

Dan wrote in with pics of this model, and a brief description on he created it! I’ll let him take it away;

Here is another model that takes advantage of the awesome Nurgling plastics.  I love these little guys.
So here is Chaos Lord Bjorn, and his little friend Carlos.  The carrier is greenstuffed on, and a little filing on the Nurgling and the Marines chest made for a nice snug fit.  I also added a baby bottle to his belt in case Carlos gets hungry.  You know how they get. 
The armor is hit with the dremel here and there for the battle damage and decay.  He is painted in the brown armor of my Nurgle legion.  This was just one of those funny ideas I came up with and decided it had to happen.  I worked feverishly on this as though guided by the clammy hands of Nurgle himself.  When I woke up the next day I had an ear infection.  This is easily one of my favorite models, I cant help but giggle when I put him on the table.  Thanks.

 -No, thank you Dan!- MBG 

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