The FIRST Citadel Colors- 40k Flashback

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Welcome to 40k Flashback, where I dig deep for something cool that I have from back in the day. Which according to the comic Dane Cook was a Wednesday…

You always hear the question: “How did you get into the hobby?”, and for me it was getting bored with assembling fighter jet models.

I could never afford the good jet kits either, lol. Plus those things had a ton of components, we’re spoiled by Games Workshop when it comes to piece count, believe me.

The first set of Citadel Paints, dates back to the 1990’s and were rumored to be made by Coat d’arms. A lot of people still have pots of these paints that still work, even though they are twenty ish years old.

What incarnation of Citadel paints do you prefer?  -MBG

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