Tau Super Walker – Conversion Corner

Welcome to Conversion Corner, where we display great looking converted and Work In Progress (WIP) models from stuff we’ve done or amazing figures we’ve seen around.

If you click on the Conversion Corner label you’ll be able to scroll through some great looking conversions and more, all at once.

Checkout this Super Sweet Tau Tank / Riptide conversion (by unknown) -Enjoy Maximus

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  • DavidDraper

    Ok- it isn’t just a Super Sweet Tau Tank / Riptide; its Metal Gear Rex, from Metal Gear Solid (with some pretty amazing and accurate detail work)

  • snider029

    Metal Gear Tau

  • Jeffery Chandler

    As much as I absolutely love these conversions (and I really do) but I really wish there were tutorial walkthroughs.

  • Shaun Wilson

    yep metal gear rex or macross gladiator tank in gardian mode

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