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By Rob Baer | November 13th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors

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Checkout this post that may just hit the nail on the head with it comes to the status of the “Missing” Blood Angels.

It seems pretty plausible IMHO, based on the seemingly similar release of Stormclaw a few months ago.


Yeah, Sanctus Reach only became about Space Wolves in Volume 2.

Think of it this way: The campaign books are a bridge.

Sanctus Reach bridged the gap between the Orks release and Space Wolves; the first book, The Red Waagh, was about Orks versus Astra Militarum and Imperial Knights, mainly. The second, which came along with the Space Wolf release and just before the Grey Knights, was about Space Wolves and Grey Knights.

So I assume Shield of Baal will be the same thing; bridging between the Tyranid wave and the forthcoming Blood Angels.

It’s not “dumb”. Baal isn’t just one planet; there’s a whole system. There’s only about a thousand Blood Angels; there’s millions of humans. “Shield of Baal” suggests to me that the campaign is about the tendrils of Leviathan starting to threaten the Baal system or its outskirts.

So what say ye? Are we just in a holding pattern till 2015 or will we see the Blood Angels in time for the holidays? -MBG


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