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Curious about what to expect form the rumored Adeptus Mechanicus release? Keep reading for the latest on the release of the robots!

From the Birds in the Trees:

Some early tidbits on Mechanicus units:

– Legion Cybernetica units have a certain quick and easy “programming” game mechanic built into them.

– Examples listed were only being able to define certain aspects of moving and/or shoointing directly, with some aspects being determined either in a pre-defined manner, or randomly.  thus some of your Ad-mech units may not be “wholly” under your direct player control.

– There will however be certain pieced of wargiesr and or “controller” units which will get around these limitations.


It seems like this may be a watered down version of the old ‘programming’ rules for the robots back in the Rogue Trader days.

Pretty cool little easter egg I think. Plus we already know they are looking back at these rules / old models as the Vorax model from Forge World is based on the “Crusader’ robot in the picture below.

So will this be a stand alone, a tie in with the rumored plastic 30k release ,or just rubbish?

Take them all with the normal dose of salt I say for now.

Legio_Cybernetica_RobotsAd-Mech Rumor Roundup

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