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Will Games Workshop be updating the 6th Edition Hardcover Codex Books?

We’ve been hearing all about what NEW factions GW would be releasing, BUT what about the older codex books?

Here’s what may be on deck army wise for the rest of the year:

– Harlequins (duh)

– Adeptus Mechanicus/Skitarii (Q2)

– That funky Assassin boxed game concept.

– Plastic Horus Heresy (starter boxed set and a followup product line)

And now….

via Lords of War (facebook)

The following 2-3 books look like they are on the schedule for this year (from soonest to last):

– Space Marines

– Tau Empire

– Eldar (maybe, could get pushed off to next year)

New Horus Heresy is being confirmed by everyone out there, the real ‘controversy’ seems to weather it will be before or after the fiscal year for Games Workshop starts in June.

Plus Warhammer Fantasy 9th may be on deck as well.

So what do you think needs updating more, Marines, Tau OR Eldar?

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