FANTASY 9th – New Modular Terrain

By Rob Baer | March 3rd, 2015 | Categories: News / Rumors


Wow not only may we get a new edition of Fantasy, BUT there may just be a bunch of new modular terrain to go with it. WFB 9th is headed our way – come check it out!

via Voices on the Wind 3-3-2015

– Modular Terrain is Coming to WFB
– Similar in concept to the recent 40K interlinking modular terrain system, but Fantasy themed.
– To be released with WFB 9th (summer), or shortly thereafter.
– Designed to to support the skirmish game.
– Look for strong aesthetic and stylistic cues taken from pieces such at the current WFB Watchtower and Chapel
So  are we talking the kits below, but Voltron style?

Warhammer Fantasy 9th Roundup

~ Don’t call it a come back, fantasy’s been here for years?

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