3D BITS – Blood Knight Titan of Baal Cometh

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Blood Knight of Baal

If you loved the Iron Werewolf Knight from a few months ago, you’ll love the Blood Knight of Baal that hobby maniac Shane Blomburg is working on now. Come see!

Shane just sent in these WIP pics of his latest ‘titanic creation’, a Knight titan dedicated to the Blood Angels!

Now he has yet to print out the upgrade parts, but wowzers this is already shaping up be something worthy of the craftsmen of Baal themselves.

Blood Knight of Baal

Blood Knight of Baal Blood Knight of Baal




Blood Knight of Baal

Best of all, Shane plans on putting the 3D Bits Upgrade Kits for this Blood Knight for sale just like his last creation over on Shapeways.

Iron Werewolf Knight Titan Conversion

Per Sanguinem Angelus


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