3D BITS – ‘Iron Werewolf’ Knight Titan

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Wow checkout the 3d design on the ‘Iron Werewolf’ Knight Titan!

Hobby Maniac Shane Blomberg shared his masterpiece with me the other day and this thing is HOT!

Just finished up my “iron Werewolf” figured you guys would like it:
Customized Imperial Knight Titan: I have designed, in 3D a multitude of new components to use on the standard GW kit that transforms the Titan into a “Iron Werewolf”
You can even make your own version too! Shane has the conversion bits for sale over on his Shapeways store even.

The customized parts for sale include:

-Iron Head

-Helfrost Annihilator

-Claw Feet

-Hersey Knee Pad

-Lightning Claw COVER

-Shoulder Pauldrons

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I wonder what’s next from Shane Blomberg, aka comradequiche!
I’d love to see a Chaos Titan, (Hint, Hint)…

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  • Awesome Nurgling

    Well they look nice but not sure why cost of parts so high.

    full set on shapeways about €210, seems a bit much

    • D.a. Pizzey

      I’m guessing because they look 3D printed. Which basic setup costs aren’t cheap for, so to get money back he’ll have to sell high for.

      • Shane Blomberg

        I make about $2-$3 dollars per part. The cost to 3D print is why its so expensive. If I completely cut myself out it would be about $15 less for the whole set. I need to find a cheaper alternative to 3D printing!!!

        • rathstar

          Stunning model Shane.

          How did you make the claw itself ?

          • Shane Blomberg

            Its actually an existing hand grafted onto the stub of the chainsword. Its a “28mm Left hand mauler claw” for a model called the “Leviathan” by “Dreamforge”

        • Dudmeister

          Shane have you thought about casting in resin? Would significantly reduce the cost.

          • Shane Blomberg

            Yes, I’d love to but its a big investment, plus I didnt design these for making casts of. I will have to redesign the parts for easy molding

        • Matt Lewis

          Use the 3d masters to make resin moulds, much cheaper and quicker, I believe a number of companies do this as standard.

          • Shane Blomberg

            Yes, but it costs $75 to mold EACH component and then $6-$10 to cast each part. Which is a big investment, then shipping and packaging and so on and so forth

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            its easy to do yourself. Or license the design to a bits supplier like Kromlech, Bitspudlo, Chapterhouse etc.

          • Ravenguard19XIX

            I got enough stuff to make moulds and the resin for like $150AU and they were shipped from the US so would only be about $70 US

  • Brandon Martin

    Shane, the components you’ve come up with are positively stunning. I have been a big fan of the standard Imperial Knight kit from the first time I saw it, but what you’ve done is so unique. You have really taken advantage of an opportunity to make this kit your own. One of my best friends plays Space Wolves, and I will be pointing him your way for sure. I even love the fluff this could have, I mean, would anyone be surprised to find Freeblade Knights aligned themselves with the Wolves of Fenris, or even a Household Of Knights supported by the Iron Priests? I love what you’ve done here, and hope that there winds up being a Chaos Knight I can buy from you.

    • Shane Blomberg

      Thanks man! I am glad you enjoyed it! I’ve always loved how ridiculous the Wolves of Fenris are… Even in 7th edition they are SO dedicated to being their own army. I am deciding what to design next haha. I’ve had requests for chaos, salamanders, ultramarines, and dark angles mostly.

      • Dan

        Raven Guard!!

      • Brandon Martin

        As long as we are voicing our hopes for your next project, I would love to see what you could do with a Chaos Knight. You’ve proven with the Iron Werewolf how successfully you can blend two differt aesthetics, I’d love to see possibly two variants, a Knight in service to Chaos and a more daemonically possessed/altered one. My other army is a large contingent of Dark Angels. I have already painted a Knight Errant in Dark Angels colors to denote his frequent work with the First Legion, but I wonder how you would go about producing components to make a bespoke, Dark Angels affiliated Knight. Any of the ideas you have would be incredible to hear, Shane. Again, thanks for producing such an excellent kit, I can’t wait to see more of your work.

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