3D BITS – ‘Iron Werewolf’ Knight Titan

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Wow checkout the 3d design on the ‘Iron Werewolf’ Knight Titan!

Hobby Maniac Shane Blomberg shared his masterpiece with me the other day and this thing is HOT!

Just finished up my “iron Werewolf” figured you guys would like it:
Customized Imperial Knight Titan: I have designed, in 3D a multitude of new components to use on the standard GW kit that transforms the Titan into a “Iron Werewolf”
You can even make your own version too! Shane has the conversion bits for sale over on his Shapeways store even.

The customized parts for sale include:

-Iron Head

-Helfrost Annihilator

-Claw Feet

-Hersey Knee Pad

-Lightning Claw COVER

-Shoulder Pauldrons

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I wonder what’s next from Shane Blomberg, aka comradequiche!
I’d love to see a Chaos Titan, (Hint, Hint)…

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